Inspiring deep emotions of enchantment and fascination, Santorini is renowned for the stunning panoramic views of the caldera, the legendary volcano, one of the biggest active underwater volcanoes in the world, and the beautiful Aegean Sea.
Fierce cliffs stretch all around and compose the most breathtaking scenery on the island of Santorini. Here you can totally enjoy the breathtaking view of caldera that never loses its mystery. The location offers panoramic views to the Aegean Sea, the volcano and the infinite horizon.
Formerly known as Zoe Aegeas, One of One Suites have been renovated and invite world-class travelers into a warm atmosphere, exquisite view, stunning architecture and excellent service. Its luxurious traditional construction is based on Santorini’s architectural design standards and philosophy. It is also located in the most popular spot of the island if you want to enjoy the famous Oia΄s sunset.

Built on a privileged location in the center of the magnificent Oia, one of the most beautiful areas of Santorini, One of One Suites consists of 4 luxurious suites inviting you to enjoy a unique experience.
Delicately furnished luxury suites take in the soft, sweet Aegean breeze and breathtaking views, while all shops and restaurants are within walking distance.


Living Space: 55 sq.m.


Jacuzzi Suite – Living Space: 45 sq.m.


Jacuzzi Suite – Living Space: 30 sq.m.

Callista Villa

Villa – Living Space: 75 sq.m.

A Blessed Place with awe-inspiring Beauty


Santorini is definitely an unparalleled paradise of beauty.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine that you enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the crystal blue waters and the magnificent caldera sunset while you drink a glass of the world-famous Vinsanto, Santorini’s spectacular wine.


The mysterious atmosphere of the sleeping volcano is waiting to be unveiled in front of you with intoxicating sceneries that compose its legendary beauty. Now open your eyes and get ready to visit One of One Suites in Santorini.
Time to make your dream come true!